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Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer

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Size: Powder 1800g
Alkalinität kleiner als 5° dH) geben Sie die empfohlene Menge Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer solange 1 x täglich zu, bis die gewünschten pH- bzw. Alkalinität-Werte erreicht sind.
The stability of the pH-value is of utmost importance for the marine aquarist. Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer will adjust the pH-value rapidly, safely and simply into the recommended range of 8.2-8.4 pH. Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer raises the alkalinity lowered by preciptation and thereby prevents dangerous fluctuations of the pH-value. In addition, trace elements lost by precipitation and adsorption are replenished.

Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer
+ raises and balances the pH value
+ increases the buffer capacity of the water
+ boosts and stabilizes alkalinity
+ adjusts the level of trace elements
+ increases the pH in the recommended range of 8.2 – 8.4
+ contains only natural ingredients of highest purity
+ without nitrates and phosphates
+ promotes the well-being of all aquarium inhabitants

Application of Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer:
Add 1 level measuring spoon weekly for each 20 US-gal. / 75 liters of aquarium water. Sprinkle the measuring spoonful directly on the surface of the aquarium water while stirring the water. Closely monitor the pH and alkalinity levels of your aquarium water before treating. The recommended range are 8.2 – 8.4 for the pH-value and an alkalinity of 6°-10° dH. In case your measurements show strong deviations from the recommended values (pH less than 7.8 or more than 9.2 alkalinity less than 5° dH), the addition of Tropic Marin Triple-Buffer can be repeated daily until the desired levels of pH and alkalinity are reached.