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Another great product of Australia
Reef Revolution's Zeolite media is a microporous mineral made up of alumino-silicate used as a highly effective absorbent media for the removal of ammonia, ammonium and harmful heavy metals. Ammonia is highly toxic for fish and can kill at very low concentrations. Zeolites are recommended for freshwater aquariums, very highly stocked reef aquariums or ULNS.
Reef Revolution's Australian Zeolites are a better option for a reef aquarium due to their hardness compared to European Zeolites that will break down into many soluble salts and can impact the water chemistry in your aquarium. Our zeolites are also high in iron which is highly effective for phosphate absorption to maintain healthy nutrients within your aquarium.
Reef Revolution's Zeolites are high quality that are manufactured locally to us here in Australia. 

125g per 100 litres will last approx 3 months depending on your aquariums demands