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Reef Revolution Amino Blast

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Specifically formulated blend of synthetic essential amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and fatty acids. Amino Blast combines these all into one additive to boost coral growth, enhance coloration and repair coral tissue. Amino acids are an essential component of thriving reefs, but corals themselves only produce a percentage of what is required.

Amino Blast from Reef Revolution is an easy method of supplementing and replenishing essential amino acids for a thriving coral reef.

Amino Blast is a highly concentrated blend of essential amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates & fatty acids for accelerated growth, tissue growth & coloration, next to producing amino acids via biosynthesis Amino Blast supplies essential amino acids that the corals would obtain from seawater.

Formulated to keep nutrients down and will not affect Protein Skimmer.

Available in 50ml and 100ml bottles, must be refrigerated after opening. 

50mL bottle treats 10,000 Liters of aquarium water.
100mL bottle treats 20,000 Liters of aquarium water. 


once opened keep refrigerated


Essential amino acid blend

Vitamin blend


Fatty acids