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Alkalinity + Powder

Alkalinity + powder supplement contains balanced levels of major, minor and trace elements that are essential for calcification, colour, and overall health and vitality for all inhabitants in your reef aquarium. Alkalinity + is designed to replenish depleted elements used by coral, fish and other organisms in your reef aquarium. For more information on individual elements, see our elements range on our website.


Alkalinity levels should be maintained between 7-10DKH or 125-178 ppm.


Take 800ml of RODI water and fill it into a 1L measuring jug, with accurate scales measure 87g of Alkalinity + powder, stir water thoroughly, slowly add powder and keep stirring until fully dissolved, once fully dissolved fill the measuring jug to a total of 1 litre with more RODI water.

2ML of Alkalinity + solution will raise 100L of aquarium water by 1PPM.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Iodide, Fluoride, Bromide.

WARNING: May cause skin and eye irritation. Wearing gloves and eye protection is recommended. If you are exposed seek medical attention.

Storage: Seal the internal bag after use and store in a cool dry place.