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Reef Breeders Reef Power RP-M

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The Reef Power™ RP-M is Reef Breeders new take on the conventional wave-maker. The RP-M is incredibly slim, yet powerful and quiet. Every Reef Power Pump includes a fully featured controller, extended warranty, and extra gear.




  • Unbelievably thin profile
  • Full Featured Controller
  • 18-Month, USA warranty
  • Fully submersible
  • Extra-Long Power Cord (78″)
  • 260-2,600 gph ouput
  • Glass up to 5/8″ thick

Ultra Slim Profile

The RP-M is about half the size of conventional powerheads with comparable output. For example, the QP-9 protrudes 3 7/8″ into the aquarium, while the RP-M protrudes only 2.25″. How do we do this? Simple! Instead of using a conventional impeller which protrudes from the motor block and generates a narrow vortex that is directed through a nozzle, we redesigned the impeller to rotate around the motor block. This both reduces the size of the pump by nearly 50%, and produces an extremely wide yet powerful flow. This unique flow pattern is both powerful and gentle on corals. Corals all around your aquarium experience a gentle wave motion, and corals directly in front of your RP-M powerhead don’t get blasted. Our new and improved impeller has more than twice the surface area of a conventional impeller with 4 blades instead of 2. This creates a more evenly distributed flow pattern and helps eliminate dead spots in your aquarium.

Fully Featured Controller Included

Every Reef Power RP-M includes an intuitive controller packed with features. There are 6 wave modes including reverse and constant mode, and a built in timer. In addition to the timer function there is both a 10 minute, and 20 minute feed mode. You can also set each pump to run independently, as a lead pump, or as a follow pump. One lead pump can control up to 16 following pumps, and any changes on the lead pump controller will automatically take effect on every follow pump controller- wirelessly. Every controller includes an adhesive mounting pad, as well as a built in mounting hole if you choose to use a screw/hook for more secure mounting.

Fully Submersible

Our Reef Power Pumps are 100% waterproof, including the external magnet. (The controller and power supply are NOT submersible 🙂 ). That means you can place your pump on your overflow box, or other small spaces that may be under water. There is NO dry side- just a small waterproof magnet that works on glass up to 5/8″ thick. The power cord going to the pump is 6′ 6″ long, which allows for stealthy routing with ease.

Extended Warranty

All Reef Power Pumps include a full 18 month warranty. All warranty service is handled in our Wakefield, RI USA facility.