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We are proudly and committed to bring New Zealand reefers top quality and the most healthiest Livestock.

Not just Top Quality Livestock, We are also selling and bringing in the most popular Reefing Brands around the world with reasonable prices.

That's not all, Wellington Marine also offering Local customers services. If you are going on holiday or running into problems with your aquarium, we will be there to help out. Please check our services links.


Fish Pet Store

Get All Your Goods at Our Fish Pet Store

Often when people get their children or themselves their first pet, they choose pet fish as they are easier to take care of than a dog or cat. When it comes to choosing pet fish, there are a few things you have to decide, such as what type of fish to purchase, and then this will determine the size of the tank you’ll need. If you aren’t sure where to start or what accessories you’ll need, you should visit your local fish pet store to get their advice to ensure you start on the right track.

At Wellington Marine, we have numerous types of fish, accessories, and tanks for you to choose from to make sure you find your new finned friend.

Benefits of a Pet Store Near Wellington

Pet stores make it easier for pet owners to pick up food, toys, and accessories for their beloved animals. With the numerous types of pet fish available nowadays, you need to make sure that you purchase the right fish food to ensure they consume healthy, nutritious food. At your pet store near Wellington, you can find fish food for sale that is suitable for your pet. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when you visit your local pet store:

  • They have the knowledge. Owners and staff members of pet stores know to assist you in purchasing the right food and accessories for your pets. Fish need the proper tanks, food, and water treatment products, and if you’ve never owned fish before, you may be overwhelmed as to which products you need. Visiting a pet store allows you to take advantage of their knowledge and make sure your pet’s needs are met.
  • You’re supporting local. Supporting local businesses is a great way to boost your country’s economy and assist residents. When you buy locally, you’re also saving money as local stores don’t mark up their prices like many franchises do.
  • You’ll purchase the right accessories. Pet shop owners understand that all fish are different and require different products and, they’ll assist you with purchasing the right accessories to suit your pet’s individual needs to keep them healthy and safe.

    What You Should Know About Marine Fish for Sale

    Many people love the idea of having a tank full of exotic fish in their homes; however, they aren’t as low maintenance as people may think. Marine fish in New Zealand require specific types of foods and water temperatures to make sure they survive and live comfortably. Here is what you need to know about marine fish for sale.

  • Feeding. Unlike freshwater fish, which can consume regular fish food, each type of marine fish has different nutrition requirements that can only be found in specific fish foods. When you purchase your fish, speak to the pet store owner or staff to find out what type of food is right for your pet.
  • Cleaning the tank. When you own marine fish, you’ll need to do 10%-15% water change weekly also check for Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate, phosphate and salinity. It’s suggested that when you top up your tank’s water, you shouldn’t just add saltwater but rather RO water as salt won’t evaporate and will leave salt particles behind.
  • Making the commitment. If looked after properly, many types of marine fish can live for many years, so you need to make sure you can commit to taking care of them for this period.

    Tips for Buying Fish Tanks Near Wellington

    Buying your first fish tank can be exciting and overwhelming with all the tanks available nowadays. When you’re looking for fish tanks for sale, remember that the one you decide on will be determined by the type of fish you want to keep. Here are some tips to consider when searching for fish tanks near Wellington.

  • Know the size. There is a common misconception that smaller tanks are easier to maintain. When it comes to smaller tanks, they are more likely to build up toxins as there is a low volume of water. A lower volume of water also increases quicker water temperature changes, affecting your fish’s health and well-being.
  • Accessorise correctly. Choosing the correct accessories to use in your tank is just as important as the tank itself. These don’t necessarily mean coral or statues, the types of pumps, skimmers, heaters or lighting you choose depend on the size of the tank. If you’re unsure what kind of pumps, skimmers, heaters or lighting you’ll need, don’t hesitate to ask for our advice.
  • Set your budget. Fish tanks and their accessories can become quite expensive if you aren’t careful. Setting a budget will assist you with saving money on the unimportant things for your tank and let you spend more on the fish and coral.

    About Wellington Marine

    When it comes to healthy fish for sale, you can rest assured that you won’t find healthier livestock than ours at Wellington Marine. We aim to supply all fish lovers with the highest quality products for all their fish needs.

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